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  1. KTM AL

    Out for a bimble around some Sussex back roads

    I have just swapped my tyres from the big knobblies to the Metzeler Sahara Enduro 3's for the summer. So I went out for a bimble around the local back lanes. Now my original 2018 rear brake calliper is sticking on. I'll email the local Enfield dealer to see if it can be changed foc.
  2. KTM AL

    Fault code

    I have a fault code of 1 long then 2 short blinks . The bike runs ok but I cant cancel the engine fault light. Ant ideas? Euro 4
  3. KTM AL

    Now mines gone wrong

    Hello Chaps All ready to do a bit of green laneing in the surrey hills this morning ,all the kit on, the Himmi (2018 Euro 4) started and ticked over fine ,but as I went to pull away she coughed and spluttered up the road , as I needed petrol I filled up at the village petrol station but the...
  4. KTM AL

    Water in the air box

    I was off roading yesterday and after going through a rather deep puddle the bike had a bit of a miss fire. After cleaning a the bike at home I found rather a lot of water in the air box. I am going to replace the drain bung with a pipe and tap to drain out any water that happens to get in there...
  5. KTM AL

    Any Other Wheels Fit?

    Hello Chaps Has anyone used second hand wheels from another bike as a second set on the Himmi? Modified a bit or not? Only asking as it would be great to have a second set, as I have off road tyres on the Himmi and it would be easier to swap a set of wheels rather then tyres . I have fitted...
  6. KTM AL

    Engine Bars - SOLD

    For sale a pair of engine bars from my 2018 Himmi. Mint condition , the bike has only done 2000 miles. Selling as I have upgraded to Givi ones as I'm doing a spot of off roading. £35 collection from Southwater West Sussex , if you turn up on your Himmi , I can fit them with you. or I could post...
  7. KTM AL

    First bit of green laneing

    Did my first bit of green laneing on the Himmi this afternoon and was rather impressed. I will swap the front sprocket with a 14 tooth as there is quite a step between 1st and 2nd , and I'll remove the rubber bits on the foot pegs as when you hit the mud you feet slip off the pegs. I have new...
  8. KTM AL

    Unbalanced wheels

    I'm just changing the part worn original tyres and noticed neither of the wheels were balanced. Also I could not get over how heavy the wheels were. I balanced the front and needed 25g . ( the rear is still in the post :mad: ). It must have been the sheer weight of the un balanced wheels not...
  9. KTM AL

    Wanted a 2021 Wiring diagram for headlight switching

    I'm after a 2021 wiring diagram to see how the headlights are switched by the engine starting. My 2018 diagram indicates there is no facility to have a switched feed when the engine is started . The alternator feeds to the R/R then straight to the battery and fuse box then on to the ignition...
  10. KTM AL

    A more off road tyre

    Hi Chaps I have been looking at a pair of tyres more suited to off road but with out seperate blocks like full on enduro tread as I do still want to use the Himmi on the road a fair bit. So I have chosen Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara OR Heindenau K60 Scout. Has any one used these ?
  11. KTM AL

    Air Injection delete resistor size

    Sorry for all the questions but , I'm going to do the air injection delete , so before I pull the bike to bits and have to wait for parts, does anyone know the resistance of the resistor used? I know I could just measure the valve resistance but that will mean having to remove the tank ect. I...
  12. KTM AL

    Which brush guards?

    Hello Chaps What brush guards are you using on your Himalayers? I have at presant the wrap around Enfield ones that fix at the end of the bar but want the 2 fixing point ones, but ones that fit. so if anyone has then fitted can you let me know what ones you have and may be a photo? Thanks
  13. KTM AL

    Charging socket

    Hello Chaps Not wanting to have a dangling charge lead, I made a small ali plate and installed a DIN socket which can also be used to plug other accessories in like my heated waistcoat when it gets cold. Just got to find a place for my sat nav which I normally mount on a Ram mount.
  14. KTM AL

    Got my Himmi

    My 2018 Himmi was delivered yesterday, low mileage with 1850 miles. I gave it a good clean with Duck oil and ACF50 , and a service, oil and filter change, replaced the plug with an NGK iridium, greased the swing arm linkages , brake and gear leavers. Cleaned the gummed up chain and adjusted...
  15. KTM AL

    New to this Enfield lark

    Hello Chaps I'm about to take delivery of my first Royal Enfield ,a 2018 low milage Himalayan. I'm going to be doing some off roading on it as it will replace my KTM 200 EXC 2 stroke. Be a culture shock :) I've been reading the Himi section of this forum and it all looks very intresting. Cheers AL
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