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  1. RSD-Moto

    2020 Himalayan for Sale (UK, Surrey)

    The bike has now sold, so this post can be removed/archived. Thanks.
  2. RSD-Moto

    2020 Himalayan for Sale (UK, Surrey)

    I need to make some space in the garage, so have reluctantly made the decision to sell the Himalayan. It is the 2020 model (20 Reg) in Red with just under 1600 miles, and the following mods: RE Panniers and racks. Givi Engine Bars Barkbusters VPS handguards Viaterra Trailpack waterproof...
  3. RSD-Moto

    Tried a 2021 Himalayan yesterday

    This will be fine, as bikes are designed to be mounted from the left... If I have the boxes installed, I mount my Himalayan this way despite being close to 250 pounds. I am sure the stand will take the weight, but as you put weight onto the right peg and the suspension compresses the side-stand...
  4. RSD-Moto

    Tried a 2021 Himalayan yesterday

    I would say highly unlikely, this will almost certainly over-balance the bike. If you do try, make sure you have someone on the left side to grab the bike when it tips ;)
  5. RSD-Moto

    2021 Paint Codes?

    Had a quick look at my usual suppliers, and none list it. Is it the same as the interceptor ravishing red?
  6. RSD-Moto

    Hitchcocks front side bags?

    Absolutely, waterproof is key! The LOMO bags are without doubt waterproof, but so are the ViaTerra bags, whose construction is very similar to Kriega bags with an internal removable liner and roll tops. The VT bags cost about 20GBP more than the LOMO bags (inc shipping from India and...
  7. RSD-Moto

    Big adventure - for me...

    Sounds good @Pirate you did well... Heated grips are a godsend, but be careful using them in the wet, as they will speed up the water ingress into your gloves (cold and dry, or warm and wet is generally the choice ;)) I have found from experience that Merino Wool base layers work the best. I...
  8. RSD-Moto

    Hitchcocks front side bags?

    I see no reason why not? The fact that the VT bags are designed specifically for the Himalayan frames, they fit really well. The LOMO bags work but are a little "Heath Robinson" ;)
  9. RSD-Moto

    Hitchcocks front side bags?

    Quick update on this post. The bags arrived this morning. From order to delivery was about 10 days. They were delivered by FedEx, and I was charged import duty as expected, but this was 20GBP and change. So all in, 75GBP and change, and while slightly more expensive than the Lomo bags (which...
  10. RSD-Moto

    High tickover lever

    I haven't used Hartgate no. I have used Normandy MC. They are great, but whenever I contacted them they never seemed to have any slots free (In their defence, that was back when one of the lads was having some major health problems). For my dealer work, I use Bowen Moto in Chatham (where I...
  11. RSD-Moto

    High tickover lever

    I installed the Iridium plug, which so far has removed the need for me to use the advance lever. How it performs in proper cold weather is yet to be seen ;)
  12. RSD-Moto

    Can't read the clock on the instrument binnacle ???

    Lost? I am never lost, simply exploring ;)
  13. RSD-Moto

    Any other owners here?

    Bit late to the party, but am in Surrey.
  14. RSD-Moto


    Not looked too closely, but certainly seen an Interceptor outfit, twinned with a colour matched Watsonian sidecar.
  15. RSD-Moto

    Hitchcocks front side bags?

    Well, I checked this morning following your post, and they are indeed in stock. So I ordered a set. The product and shipping came in at about 55 GBP, but even if I get hit with import duties, they will still be cheaper than Amazon, which last time I looked were 99 GBP I won't get the luxury...
  16. RSD-Moto

    Givi Pannier Swap

    afaik, the PL9050 will take any/all MonoKey cases. As the Trekker Outback are MonoKey, no modification should be required?
  17. RSD-Moto

    New Himalayan Cold Start

    I too changed the plug for the iridium, and have no issues starting the bike since. Before the plug change, it was lever fully open and feather the throttle. It does seem to be improving with age though, as the miles go on everything is smoother :)
  18. RSD-Moto

    Hitchcocks front side bags?

    I looked at these, but they have been unavailable for some time, so ended up with the Lomo bags.
  19. RSD-Moto

    Hitchcocks front side bags?

    Have you seen the Lomo Leg bag? perfect for a wallet and phone, and stays with you if you leave the bike unattended. Far better (imho) than having stuffed pockets. You still have the buckles and roll top, but is 100% waterproof. I have tested mine in some biblical rain :)
  20. RSD-Moto

    Engine guards?

    I have the Givi bars on my bike. When I rode the demo from my dealer, they had the RE stock bars, and with the 2 point fixing, I personally thought they looked a little flimsy and might collapse if the bike went over. The 3 point fixing on the Givi bars inspire much more confidence.
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