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    2021 Himalayan Trickle Charging Issue

    I have exactly the same problem at the moment. Optimate only showing amber after 36 hours. 2021 Himalayan - 6 months old. Is this related to the quality of the battery RE fit?
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    2021 Himalayan Maintenance/Upgrades

    Thanks for the pictures. Am I right in thinking that the 2 zip ties are holding the Z spring support on the inside of the swinging arm?
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    2021 Himalayan Maintenance/Upgrades

    Any chance of some more pictures of various parts of the installation? Just got mine and pondering how to fit so this would be very helpful.
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    2021 Himalayan Maintenance/Upgrades

    My two pennyworth on suspension upgrades. I have a BMW R1250R with full active ESA suspension and it's very effective , as it should be for the price. Very keen on the Triumph 1200 Speed Twin when it came out but the test ride was disappointing because of budget unadjustable suspension. Same for...
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    I agree with all said so far and thanks again Rich for hosting and moderating On another forum I frequent it has FUN as part of its title and its owner moderates it fairly heavily to ensure that it remains that way. Unfortunately you only need a few with personal agendas to spoil the...
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    Himalayan LED aux lights mounting

    Just a word of warning about removing the clamp bolts. RE use a thread locker which is so poor that it can be more like glue. I've read threads on here about threads stripping or bolts breaking on the forks so perhaps worth a bit of research. Heat using a soldering iron was mentioned. If there...
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    New member from Scotland

    Well said. is notorious for self-opinionated posts which go off at a complete tangent from the original post. This forum seems OK so far but it wouldn't do any harm to have the ignore option which others have.
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    I'd like to ride mine a bit more in winter but always a bit concerned about the salt. Is it enough to use AC50 or Scottoiller FS1? I have a bike blower/dryer which does help but washing needs to be very thorough. Seems a shame just to stop when it gets cold. Get a good high pressure day with...
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    Tipper integration with Google Maps

    In Google Maps (on Android mobile) - three dots - Add route to Home Screen? I know it's not the PC but may be something similar you could save on the PC which might appear on the mobile version.
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    Another soon to be Himalayan owner

    I thought RE were offering free panniers on remaining Euro 4 stock?
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    Euro 4 vs Euro 5 - Booster Plug

    First post on the forum and hoping to be a Himalayan owner eventually but need some advice please Just sold my Africa Twin, which was a great bike but becoming a bit heavy to manoeuvre around. Previously I had a Transalp, again excellent and have been very impressed by a Booster Plug on both...
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