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    What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)

    Agreed. Switches are almost like a resistor in a circuit and the weak link in the line. The higher the amperage the higher the temps the switch has to deal with. Frequent cycling and arcing causes wear which raises resistance, which raises switch temperatures. Relays protect switches and allow...
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    Tappet settings

    Agreed, but if you want a REAL challenge, we just finished a 100 hour on a Stearman, which includes valve adjustment. The R985 engine has 9 cylinders and when I finish the adjustment of all 9 cylinders, I have to rotate the engine twice completely, check all valves again and repeat that process...
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    NGK spark plug

    +100 Back when I used to spend ridiculous amounts of time and energy trying to eek out every ounce of horsepower and performance from anything with an engine I owned, indexing plugs was always part of the process. I would use copper washers to shim the plugs to get my angles right. I made some...
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    A bit of a surprise reading the manual...

    One of my unbreakable rules, for me and mine, NEVER, EVER, use a pressure washer on a motorcycle. I'll never be convinced otherwise :cool:
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    Replacement Battery recommendation

    +1 On the Motobatt. It's the one I would have gone with on my Himalayan if I hadn't wanted to experiment with a lithium. So far the lithium is doing great but I'm waiting to see how it does in cold weather. The coldest I've started it so far has been 32deg F a week ago and it did fine and no...
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    I'm on the fence about doing my own break-in service but it appears too easy for me to justify paying a dealer $600.

    +1 Exactly. Go down the 30+ items of the 300 mile service schedule and I'll tell you as a mechanic myself, most anyone would be hard pressed to accomplish that checklist, if done properly and in totality, in under 6hrs. Now I know in the real world that there are shops and techs that probably...
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    2022 Himalayan fuel injection components and filter change

    While I didn't replace it, nor feel the need to, when I did my first service I removed my pump and inspected the fuel filter in case there was contamination or debris from manufacture or assembly. Fortunately it was perfectly clean, which helped instill some measure of confidence for some of the...
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    What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)

    I've re-wired the major circuits of the last four bikes I've owned, especially headlight and heavy draw circuits, including installing relays off the ignition switches. Manufacturers for years have used the minimum gauge wire for their circuits and while normally not much of an issue, when...
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    Would you buy again?

    Yes, it is a lithium based grease and for its intended purpose on the Himalayan, works fine. Before true dielectric greases, especially dialectic silicones, were widely available, even on aircraft, we regularly used then, and still now, white lithium grease for electrical sealing and insulation...
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    Would you buy again?

    Agreed. There have been many complaints of the grease, with many owners not truly realizing what it was or being used for. Also it has been blamed for connectivity issues with relays and connectors. While yes, RE did use it rather liberally in places, the problems being blamed on it are...
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    What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)

    I think they're definitely worth having because CHT is your best indicator of internal cylinder pressure (stress). Most air-cooled cylinders have a CHT max temp of around 500 + or - 25degF and a recommended target around 350 to 380. I have no idea about these cylinders. Apparently you'll be...
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    What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)

    Good move. CHT gauges are good monitors of the engine power stroke. Did you use a sparkplug gasket probe? I've had CHT gauges on my last two bikes and will give you a heads up that picking up the temp at that location will give you around 25 to 35 deg F higher reading than actual general...
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    Roll over sensor location?

    Thanks for the heads up. I have the sensor on my To-Do list for checking and sealing connectors this winter but hadn't located it yet.
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    Fork compression units from Hitchcocks.

    Some owners prefer the less invasive route of simple preload adjusters if the general OEM performance works for them and they just need a little stiffening depending on load or road conditions. Also many owners are a little intimidated with the subtleties of suspension tuning. I like the...
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    Fork compression units from Hitchcocks.

    I've heard good things about the Hitchcocks preload adjusters. Manchi had posted these a while back. He had risers as well.
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