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    Get your dealer to fiddle. When this doesn't work (which apparently it doesn't always), just ride it, eventually it settles down. Of course, I've got a carby bike and it's never given me any of that sort of nonsense... but that's just me bragging :D Actually, I wonder if the new Tripper models...
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    Two years I prefer to spend more time on the dirt than the road - the only reason road features so highly is because I commute on it. I love the way it rides. And next weekend it goes off to have her sidecar fitted... but you didn't ask that :D
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    Can you wax your Himalayan?

    Wax? Wash and chamois, that's all you need.
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    What C Spanner size for Rear Shock preload adjustment?

    Screwdriver and hammer. Seriously. I've done mine with a C spanner but it's so hard to get at that the screwdriver method was better.
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    Tyres - alternative to stock - reviews?

    The E07 needs about a tankful of fuel to wear in, both on bitumen and gravel. I guess they the edges worn or something.
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    Here's an entertaining take on it. It IS the Australian experience, dunno what it's like elsewhere.
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    You must be down south and dealing with the Yamaha mob.
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    Chain guard

    Ah ha. That makes sense. In the fatness of wallet, I'll be fitting one. I'm using a Loobman which I like, but I have to remember to press and hold the button.
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    Chain guard

    How do the Tutoro know when to feed the oil? I know you can adjust the rate of drip, but how does it know when to drip?
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    intermittent misfire

    New plug fixed mine however, I've also heard that the plug lead can be dodgy. Maybe replace that as well.
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    Missing oil

    As RobcC says, this is a bike where you check the oil after giving it a run. Sometimes mine shows nothing when cold, sometimes half full. It just depends. The manual says to run it for a bit, then check. Bloody annoying but there it is.
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    RE Hard Panniers Question

    No, as it says quite clearly in my post that you quoted, the kit came WITH a bracket relocate the brake lights.
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    Handlebar mounting cap modification

    Half the price of a generic item from the online bike shops. Hitchcocks, of course, want your first born. About $20 from an Indian seller on ebay.
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    What Tire Pressures Are You Guys Running?

    Tyre pressure threads are just another form of oil thread :ROFLMAO: I run the factory spec 25/32, have done from day one and through a change of tyres. I've found no reason to change. Nor do I drop the pressures off road. My advice? Start with what the manual says and experiment from there...
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