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    Aux Light Mount

    Very nice installation, never thought about it. Could you please provide any links for "Star NUT" you have got. Thanks-PR
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    Power socket, port or pick-up on Himalayan

    This is the one I had in my bike
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    Paint panniers?

    Thank you for providing the feedback that you have provided in another thread as I was not able to reply to you there, I am replying here now. With your experience I am more inclided to get the Himlayan RE Original Panniers. Please do update where did you get yours and how much did it cost...
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    Fuse block and relay

    I added a relay and fuse box for future expandability. Battery to the relay and to fuze block I used 14AWG Wire, from fuse box to different accessories 16AWG wire used. From fuse box I used connections for 12V Aux (for airpump), 5V outlet (2x1A), 5V outlet (2x2A), 1 12v switched trigger for Fog...
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    Paint panniers?

    Fantastic. I would love to you know the process to mount as I am also planning to install Tusk Mediums and make bike ready for spring and summer travel. Is $215 right price for the pair?
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    Paint panniers?

    Very nice, I am also considering getting Tusk Panniers. Planning to get medium (27L), curious to know What size did you get it Large or Medium? Please do post some pics once you install it, I got the OEM RE racks.
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    do I need a relay?

    Yes he is. I guess you got the location of fuse box installation on my himmy. Let me know if you need more help i am happy to help.
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    do I need a relay?

    Thank you my friend. The diagram was not mine it was given by a youtuber (Adrien) i just used his work. Thanks anyway and compliment goes to original creator. You can take a look at the original post for Adriens youtube link...
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    do I need a relay?

    I added a relay and fuse box for future expandability. Get power from Tail Light to trigger relay - Wire Tap - Full wiring Diagram -
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    Engine guards?

    Congratulations on your REH and glad to know that you installed Givi engine guard. Givi might be using shorter bolts in latest model kits.
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    Engine guards?

    I am glad that you are able to install it with out exhaust pipe removal, its quite possible that they might have provided a short bolt in newer versions.
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    Engine guards?

    To be frank with you they are not bigger they look fine as I have installed on my bike. No issue changing oil with Givi Crash Bars so far. I got it from carpimoto for about $125. Installed it myself took me about 45min. One problem I have faced while installing a bolt to chassis close to oil...
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    Bags on the bike

    Very nice it looks good. From where did you order panniers aka boxes?
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    I did made a note on my bike, highway speeds stock chain and sprocket ( at odo 1200) on a flat road with little curve to your right. 55 mph - 4.6k 65 mph - 5k even 70 mph - 5.5k 72 mph - 5.3k 75 mph - 5.8-5.9k (close to 6k as i was not at this speed for a long time due to speed traps).
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    Got my pre-ordered Himalayan today!!!

    Wow Congratulations. $300 is pretty good considering the 400+ miles. I paid about $150 for 120 miles.
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