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    2021 Himalayan LED flasher relay?

    Hey all. I also had this problem. I solved it temporarily by removing the relay, tapping it on a table, thereby "unsticking" it. I had my dealership order me a new part. It took several months to get the part in, and just last week my existing relay got stuck again, so I finally put in the new...
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    Himalayan Booster Plug

    I heard back from the company, and this is what they said, "The problem is that we simply don’t know ! Most manufactorers are producing "world models” now, because it makes life easier in production, and because the emission regulations are very close to being the same around the world now...
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    Himalayan Booster Plug

    I was thinking about getting one of these for my I'm glad I found this thread. I wasn't sure if the 2021 restriction inlcuded the US market models.
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    Hello from Flagstaff, AZ with new '21 Himalayan

    Greetings everyone! I just picked up my new (pre-ordered) '21 Himalayan last weekend from a dealer in central AZ, and then rode it back up home here in Flagstaff. I have been riding it around town here this week and already have my 300 mile service scheduled for this Sunday. I know many of you...
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