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    Dodgy Compass

    My questions about the RE compass: 1. Why keep puuting a compass on a bike that almost always never works. 1a. Why didnt the factory even test these things? 2. How can the compasses in my Ram 1500 and my wife's Mazda CX-5 both work brilliantly yet RE apparently can't make one or buy one that...
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    Trouble Free Ownership?

    Funny... I'm thinking of selling mine and a Tenere 700 is one of the bikes I am looking at. I love my Himalayan and it so far has suffered none of the problems that you guys have mentioned. Sure it's a little cold blooded, but a little throttle, for about 30 seconds, then let it idle while I...
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    Compass Sensor Replacement?

    You are right. I don't need a compass. It's just bugs me that something, seemingly so simple that other automotive makers all easily get right, yet here we are with Royal Enfield, on an "Adventure Bike" no less. They get something so completely wrong, and apparently don't even care... It's...
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    Compass Sensor Replacement?

    In addition to my Himalayan, we also have a Mazda CX-5 and a Ram 1500 pick-up truck. Both of their compass features work perfectly fine and always have. I don't understand why the one on the Himalayan Never has and probably never will, and why a company that probably sells more motorcycles...
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    Factory pannier bag inserts

    I use these and they work pretty well... Link to bags on Ebay
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    2021 Upgrades..? Tripper, Switchable ABS, Etc.

    I wouldn't trust a company with any navigation software until they could get a compass to work. :D
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    Cold-starting Saga

    I bought mine with only 165 miles on it. I read all about the cold starting issues. I just crack the throttle, hit the starter and then hold it at about 2k rpms for about 30 seconds, then it will idle. Once it idles, I go grab my helmet, gloves and jacket, put them on and she's ready to go...
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    RE Hard Panniers Question

    OK... So I had to Google it, and according to the "Know it All" Eye in the Sky it is pronounced "pan-yur" Pronounce "Pannier" Interesting in that it's actually the French word for "basket" which makes sense. Thanks to the Norman invasion of England our language is a mishmash of The Germanic...
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    Can you wax your Himalayan?

    That was a "Karate Kid" reference. A joke. Honestly... For me, on all my bikes I have ever had, I keep a spray can of cheap Lemon Pledge generic brand from the Dollar Store in my stuff. It's great for cleaning your windshield, helmet, etc... And it also cleans various parts on you bike too.
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    No. I'm thinking .65
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    Can you wax your Himalayan?

    I think you should "Wax on, Wax off."
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    Really Good Mods/ accessories you can HIGHLY recommend for the Himalayan...

    Fixing the seat to your liking. Fixing the handlebars to your liking. Saddle bags. (I liked the OEM panniers.) The first two make it more comfortable to ride. The third one allows you to ride to the store to get more beer and food.
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    Weird sound in himalayan

    The first bike sounds fine. The second bike sounds like valve noise.
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    RE Hard Panniers Question

    Pronounce "pannier" for me. I'm from the Southern United States and we use the term "saddle bag" here. I've heard it pronounced: Pan-ear and Pan-yeah What is correct?
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    A few months. Every time I ride it, because I love on a Forest Service road out in the middle of Nowhere, Alabama. I like the riding position, and I like the whole form factor of the bike. I like the utilitarianism of it. It's like a 2 wheeled version of my 1997 Jeep Wrangler, my favorite...
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