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    High Speed Miss on Classic 350

    The code will show an EFI issue. I only had a code once, all the other times no code. You can't make the miss happen, if it persists change out the ignition switch.
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    High Speed Miss on Classic 350

    Had the same problem with my meteor. At 3300 miles I had to have the ignition switch changed. When you have the key in and wiggle it, if there is alot of movement in the assembly It will lose contact at times. I have had it happen a tew times on my classic too. I am waiting for a replacement for...
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    Just sitting there.

    I just had my first service done yesterday at 510 miles. The service manager said to wait till I had 500-600 miles on it as 300 is too early. Was the same with the 4 other Enfield's I owned. Just turned 650 miles today in one week on it. Too nice of a bike to give up on. Good luck.
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    New toy

    Yes, on both. Thanks.
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    New toy

    That is a special for this month to clear out the 2022's. As usual it is always best to wait until September to buy a new one.
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    New toy

    The dealership I deal with was running a no freight, prep , or other add-ons special on these so my Meteor got replaced. Christmas in September!
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    Classic 350 and a Meteor.

    I just traded my Meteor in on a classic 350. My Meteor had 6000 miles on it. I test rode the classic 3 months ago and knew I would end up with one. The Meteor is a good bike, but for my type of riding I like the classic better. The Classic has a stiffer suspension, which suits the bumpy back...
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    Chain adjustment and replacement

    I didn't have to adjust mine until I hit 3600 miles. Twice during break-in is not normal.
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    Meteor exhaust mods?

    That exhaust has a baffle in it and is just right on thump. Without the baffle it is annoying and there is a loss of torque, so I left the baffle in.
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    Meteor exhaust mods?

    The muffler comes with 3 reducers, I used the mid size one and it worked for me. No issues on install, just needed to do a trial fit first to make sure it was in the correct position so I could drill a hole in the mounting strap. I also did not need to re-tune the EFI.
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    Stalling Issues

    I had the same problem with my 2021. Upon inspection of the spark plug the gap was only .020. I set it at .028 where it should be and it never stalled again after the initial start. Once you get some miles on it it will get better also.
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    350 Meteor test ride today.

    A short ride on a new motor isn't a good test. My Meteor didn't break-in till about 2500 miles. With a free flowing exhaust mine is happy to run at 55 mph all day. On level ground I can attain 78 mph. That is not why I bought the bike though, I spend the vast majority on scenic back roads...
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    Meteor exhaust mods?

    After market exhausts won't do much if you keep the cat box. I deleted my cat and put on an Emgo cocktail shaker. Made the bike run much cooler and it now has that awesome single cylinder thump back. Not to mention I dropped 25 pounds off the bike.
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