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Hello. I just joined. I live in Ontario, Canada, purchased my 2019 Himalayan at Rockland Wheels 9 months ago. Which means here in Ontario that I've been able to ride it for 2 months (we have 7 months of winter). So far it has been great with 3000 km ridden on various types of surface. I'm looking for farkle advice and recommendations and heads-up on new issues that may have cropped up with the bikes.
Just joined, picked up my REH (I love it!) Tuesday and hit the mountains of WA. Now I have a bike for when I venture to the West Coast.
Hey Mark,
TY for the offer.

I'd be happy to mail you a check for the oil filter. Just let me know the details.

I am Mitch Silverman, 16 Burnt Swamp Rd, Cumberland, RI 02864-1208. My email:
Justice Bikes
Justice Bikes
Hey Mitch, I've emailed you some info. I'll get that out in the post tomorrow. Were not going to let this covid thing keep us from riding... ;)
HI All, been awhile since I posted. 400 miles now 1st check done all good I made a bracket for a 1 gal. rotopax gas can I had from another project, lots of gas cap. now. I think I'm done for now. will post pic's when I get some better ones . Mounted gas can on left forward rack . Later GREEN BIRD
HI Green Bird here, I modified two tank panniers to fit on the racks beside the gas tank on the H/M. made stiffener to go inside bag and bolt on without the top straps. retained the lower straps( shortened) nice and solid. Got rid of aprox eight feet of straps. Less stuff too tangle etc. I will send pic's of this bike, need help to get them from camera to be able to e-mail , will take more pic's soon. Later
green bird, a little more snow and ice here now. I've contacted a bad cold etc. to the doctor, big shot and pills . not missing any riding anyway, feel better now. happy new year everyone
Bought a 2019 Himalayan Non ABS . Been adding some items to get ready for some trips this summer.
green bird
HI ROD, Have fun getting your Himalayan ready for summer. Weather here today 49f and sunny , rode mine for an hour or so. I have 200+ miles on mine now. All OK. later Green Bird
Green Bird here, I have the plate for the luggage rack done and installed. 10 x13 inches, looks like it will be ok. Also installed an old Wolfman tankbag . It looks kind of like it matches the look of the bike (Himalayan) Anyway having fun getting the bike farkeled etc. When I get it done , I will post pic's later.
HI green bird here, big snow and ice and blizzard in Midwest. It looks like not much riding for awhile . time too set up Himalayan for next season. Is it spring yet?...ha ha.
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