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Hi All. Just picked up my new Himalayan on Jan 5 and am riding the hills around Kelowna already.

It’s a tractor and is eating the snow and mud no problem. The rear brake seems to be rubbing squeaking though. Is this normal?
Just joined the RE family with a Himalayan, Rani. She’s a 2021 in Gravel. Stable mate of an Indian Scout 2018, who doesn’t like the snow and off roads in the North Shore of Long Island, NY. Looking forward to joining the community.
Hello from Canada,
I just joined the group. I still consider myself a new rider and some of you will say I am crazy going to Older model of Royal Enfield Bullet.
Picked up a 1970 RE Bullet in Jan 2019. Could not even attempt to kick start once until May as the temperature was less than 10 C.
In two summers I put on only about 1700km.
Like some of you have said there is nothing like a thump of Bullet.

Sir Neil
Sir Neil
Hey, it was a childhood dream to have a Bullet and now I own it. Trying to enjoy as much as I can. Of course, it locked away for now again until April or May 2021.
I have noticed couple of RE owners in Ontario. Next summer, we can arrange to meet up.
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