Seat Concepts tall seat

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Sam, those bars look interesting but I’ve already got a set of $60 heated grips glued to the stock bars (D’oh!)

Modiorne, I run a Bead Rider bead cushion on mine. It adds about a half inch.


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Day-um! Props to Seat Concepts... just ordered the Tall literally yesterday, read all the notices about lead time, days to weeks, okay that makes sense. Be patient. And today I just get a notice that the order has been fulfilled and I have a tracking number!


Finally made it
I just added the tall Seat Concepts seat today and I like it a lot! Much more comfortable for me being 6'2" with a 32 inch inseam. I can still flat foot with the taller seat. It is wider too so less pressure points. I can move around with ease where before I felt locked in with the stock seat. The triangle between the seat, foot pegs and handle bars is much more roomy and comfortable20200501_124803.jpg20200501_124816(0).jpg to me.


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Here are some pics of how I modified the seat angle for the Seat Concepts tall seat:
Hi guys, new member here!

I got my tall seat kit today and I agree it would be better if it didn't slope!

Has anyone tried cutting a thin wedge shape piece out of the mid line of the foam? I'm contemplating doing this but I'm not 100% confident that its the best option.

Another thought is to hawg out the bottom until the top is level. This might be more forgiving.

Anyone have anymore ideas?


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If anyone wants to play around with seat shapes and levels there are Sahara seat covers on Amazon for a reasonable price.
Quality is OK, big advantage is that they have a draw cord at the perimeter, so you can play around a bit until you find something you like.
Handy even if you have a HD stapler and staples and prefer to staple, as it makes stretching and holding the cover while you staple a bit easier----.
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