Perishing Rubber.

Roy Gavin

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They are both fine on my 2017 bike , in the harsh Australian sun.
So in Yorkshire yours should look like new!

Despite what you may read on the idiotnet I am fully convinced of the merits off products like Armourall - I have a 67 Triumph 2.5 PI which shows no deteriation anywhere in the trim and upholstery, which I attribute to a weekly wipe over with a Armorall soaked wipe.

My Hima gets the same, no point in waiting on things to perish.

FWIW the PI has 320,000 miles on the original motor too , which I attribute to the best Synth oil I can find, lately M1, another product which is mocked on the idiotnet.


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armorall, not unless you want to have to continually use it. I wouldn't want to take my dash apart every week.

rubber needs a silicon to stay hydrated. gel is best. Every year or so would be ok. Heck, on military field gear we only did it every 3 months.
Or just replace them. the grommets arent expensive, nor are well nuts.


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All of the rubber on the bike, such as the fork gaitors, fuel tank breather pipes, console mount washers etc. are all perishing. My bike is a 2018 BS4 UK spec, I bought it 18 months old with 2,500 miles on the clock, so I do not know the history prior to my ownership. However, I know it sat in the dealers heated showroom for at least 3 months prior to me buying it and I suspect that the showroom heating might have had something to do with the rubber drying out.

Roy Gavin

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One brand name is Wellnut . The fixing screws are 5mm , probably largest size you will find with a 5 mm screw will be 12/ 13 mm
I have found it best to order slightly oversize on the OD and if needed reduce the OD slightly with a sanding drum in a Dremel till it is a good tight fit.
If they are undersize and you over tension the screws to swell them out a bit more there is always the danger of cracking the screen - DAHIK.


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Lowe's home improvement, item number 137174. Model number 880510.
Hillman brand 24X #10 Brass well nut.
$1.15 for one. One in a package.
In my Lowe's it's Aisle 1 Bay 17 (drawer hardware section)
Fits great. You will need different bolts, you can find them there as well. I got Allen head bolts ( like the ones I used on the front fender to raise it with washers)
Hope this helps someone else.


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wow! I had a honda that sat in the Florida sun for five years and never saw rot like that. armor all is what I depend on. you have to reapply but its cheaper than replcing parts


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My fork gaiters have rotted now. Basically anything rubber is gonna have to be replaced. I'm going to cut down a fat mountain bike tube in spring rather than get new gaiters. I think an inner tube will be more hard wearing.

Roy Gavin

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I like Armorall to, I took a Triumph auto out to 320,000 miles and even in the harsh Oz sun the trim was perfect.
Except for a bit on the roll over to the parcel shelf behind the rear seat which I had missed , and the trim there had just vanished.
I use it on the Hima too but the PO had it for the first two years so not certain how he treated it , but when I recently changed the fork oil the gaiters just fell apart,
I had a pair of neoprene socks, but they just didn't look right, and aftermarket gaiters in the correct 240x40x60 mm length and diameter are hard to find in Oz.
Luckily I had a set intended for my BSA B44VS which were the correct length and diameter at the base, just had to pack ot the top with remnants of the old gaiter.
Actually prefer the looks to the OEM, they have a larger OD with more pleats and just look a little more, er, butch!
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