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Getting there...
Seacoast, NH
I haven't purchased yet but looking into a sleet Himalayan at the dealer nearby.

First real bike but have experience with dirt bikes, scooters and other motorized contraptions. Currently have a 50cc scooter to get around town but want something to commute and adventure out with.

Been into the car scene for a while and I'm an engineer so used to scouting out the forums first and researching before new toys.

Hope to see some fellow riders on the road soon!


Well travelled
Welcome Kaiser, I understand where you come from.
As an engineer I enjoy the simplicity of the Himma's design. Form defined by function and as one who came the same road as you, scooters, bikes, sports cars, touring road bikes, this bike ticks the boxes for me. As someone said to me "It is no fast stallion" to which I added " but it is a go anywhere mule, solid and sure".
Bought is in October 2018 and did 1500 kms of back country dirt roads/tracks on my own with zero off road bike experience. I must admit that I've done some of those roads/tracks with a 4wd years ago. I have come to the conclusion that the bike has more off road capabilities than what I have, which is a good thing. It was well up to the task .

It is no Honda, therefor it is what it is. Lower QA at a lower price. Lots of the "issues" mentioned in the forums could have been prevented with preventative maintenance. A good going over and tightening all the bolts and screws, checking the harnesses, etc. is needed. However I've done 11 000 kms with no issues, over dirt roads, even dumped it in the middle of a river in the middle of nowhere and thought that I had flooded it (all was good pheww!!) and at highway speeds of 65 mph/100 kph speeds for hours on end. I am happy with it, sometimes I've wished for a little more at highway speeds, but hey, it is what it is and I've come to accept that and just ride and enjoy it for what it is. Low tech, simple 21 century motorcycling.

Enjoy your research.


Well travelled
The Himalayan will be a fun bike for a Hands On engineer. If you are a paper engineer and let the techs build your prototypes then this might not be the bike for you. :) Just kidding around. I can imagine riding that bike up in the White Mountains and over to Acadia for some camping. A few Lobsta rolls and the perfect weekend getaway.
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