Let's talk stalling...

How often does your bike stall?

  • My bike never stalls

  • My bike used to stall when first ridden, but doesn't now that I have more miles on it

  • My bike stalls when first ridden but is fine once its been running a few minutes

  • My bike stalls whenever the mood strikes

  • My bike stalls when cold unless I rev it up, until its warm

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Cumbria UK
Did you find the irridium plugs helped the bike all around or only for starting and idling?
I'd start with the plug, as it's an easy fix if it works for you (it didn't for me). Next try the hose fix as detailed in the video. What worked for me was to check my valve clearances, which were both tight. Adjusting them transformed the bike. It hasn't stalled once since then and it idles nicely at all times.


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Wake Forest, NC
Isn't it funny we're all talking about the same make and same model but everybody has a different experience in fixing it. I find that humorous. some things work for some people other things don't work for other people. Maybe something the factory should take care of before it rolls out just my opinion
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