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Well I finally reached 300 miles so I'll be doing the oil change this weekend and doing some chain maintenance. I went to the dealer last weekend and picked up 3 oil filters, but didn't check inside to notice that they didn't give me the oil filter gasket. Is it required to replace that every oil change or can that be reused?
Any other tips you can offer would be appreciated. I do my own maintenance on my vehicles but have very little experience working on motorcycles.

El Guapo

Getting there...
You could always call the dealer and ask why there were no gaskets in the box.
I called this morning and it turns out, on the newer models, you only need that o-ring style gasket. If you Google the oil filter kit, you'll see pictures that include the paper gasket with the 3 bolt holes but that's an old stock photo. So it sounds like I'm good to go.


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there's a second drain bolt on the left front side of the engine. If you don't drain the oil there and then refill with the recommended 2 liters it will end up overfilled.


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Also, fashion some sort of deflector to keep the stream of draining oil off body parts or some will end up on the bash plate. I believe I've read that some inmates take the bike off the center stand and tip it back and forth to extract even more oil.
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