Bits From India.

Roy Gavin

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These are strange times.
It seems that those vendors who have access to a airport and and a reliable air freight company and a local carrier to get the bits to the airport are not too badly affected.
But those who have to, or choose to, use the local postal service simply have no control over anything.
So, perhaps we should be asking them how they intend shipping before we place an order!

Pinball Dave

Total noob
I had my first eBay experience with enfieldcountry_us.
Ordered Jan 23rd, received Feb. 1...9 DAYS! Way better than I expected. FedEx.
4 piece combo: Tall Fly Screen, Sump Guard, Fork Gaiters, Compact Crash Bars


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Orlando, FL
I have purchased all my accessories and spare parts from autospares2020 out of India. First order came via DHL is just a few days... the recent two orders came via FedEx (well it starts with ARAMEX until it gets to the USA and from there FedEx is delivering it). Takes a few more days for not too bad.

Important to call out that some of their accessories have shipping for free and some do not. If you send them a message when placing the order, they will discount the ones with shipping fees to compensate. So it all cost as if shipping was free. Very pleased with them.

I am pretty much done with accessories... and the spare parts were just to have everything that I need to maintain the bike for the next few years. Got oil and air filters, clutch and throttle cables, starter solenoid harness, etc.

Roy Gavin

Well travelled
Just bought a urgently gear from Autostreek on Ebay .
I messaged him and he relisted the item with an extra $15- to cover express shipping.
Ordered Saturday morning, recieved Wednesday afternoon, so fast shipping is still possible- they use Startrek Express.
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