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Hi all, new member here from north central Victoria, Australia. Put a deposit down yesterday on a Snow (white) 2021 Himalayan. It's due to arrive in a few weeks (maybe up to 4 due to covid).

Both a happy and sad day yesterday. I sent my 2007 Bandit 1250 off to its new home and put down a deposit on the Hima. It will be bike number 20 for me.

I would've like to buy second hand, but they are rarer than hens teeth here in Victoria. Talking to a few dealers, they just can't keep up with demand. Which is a good sign.

I'm in my early 40s and have a young family so the Hima appealed to me because of the price, how basic it is and because it isn't fast. It should also handle the dirt better than the Suzi that was protesting about being ridden down fire trails.

I've owned lots of bikes in the past including BMW GS's, Klrs, Suzuki drs and my last dual sport - a ttr250. I've also had quite a few road bikes. Hoping to keep the Hima for a while. The TTR taught me that power isn't everything.

I was really missing getting out into the forest near me - there are 1000s of square KMs of forest that join up to the Alpine national Park. Can't wait to get lost again.

Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement of putting the deposit down. Hopefully it will arrive sooner than 4 weeks! Thanks for letting me become a member. Cheers,

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Welcome, Pricey. I'm in the same boat as you. Put my deposit down on a 2021 at the beginning of September. Got a call late last week from the dealership that they received a VIN and "birth certificate" for my bike, so just a couple of weeks. Anyhow, I get your anticipation. Hope your bike comes quickly.



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Thanks Eatmore Mudd and DRugerH. I am really looking forwards to getting my hands on the bike. I can only afford one bike at a time so am bikeless until it arrives.

I hope I get a VIN call soon Dan! That will make it a bit more real.


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Welcome Pricey... I think all new (hopefull) owners are in this together this year.... still waiting. I had the chance to buy a new 2020 last month, and passed it up due to switchable ABS (yeah, I know it's easy to do to 2020's but it voids the warranty).

BurnieM - why do you think it'll be a 2020? The differences are pretty obvious (switchable ABS for one), so I don't think RE is going to try to pull a fast one. Plus the 2021 is up $250 (US) from the 2020, at least here in the States, so that alone should warrant a closer inspection of exactly what you're buying.

Of course, YMMV...
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Our Aus 2020 models have the new colours and new graphics on the speedo/side covers.
They comply with Euro 4 and have the cat in front of the footpeg.
They do not have the ABS off or hazard switch.
Current Aus government rulings are that Euro 4 bikes cannot be sold after 31 December 2020.

There is a fair bit of work to get later bikes Euro 5 approved for sale in Aus.
Some are guessing that requirements may be relaxed and Euro 4 bikes may continue to be sold in 2021.
There seems to be a push for this in Europe as well.
There have been no announcements from the Australian distributor, Urban Moto, about any 2021 models.

It appears that the US market 2021 bikes may be BS4/Euro4 but with ABS off added.
There is not enough info to tell at the moment.
Note the NA RE site has pics of Himalayans with photoshopped removal of the header cat.
Simliar pics are on the Australian RE site from March 2020 and all Aus bikes are Euro 4.

The Indian market 2020 Himalayan is a BS6 emissions compliant bike with ABS off and hazard switches.
This bike was released in India in April 2020.

Worldwide models are released at different times and with different features.
It is also not unknown for features to migrate onto a RE model part way through a model year without an announcement :)
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Southend on Sea
i need to agree a trade in price with my local dealership to secure my Himalayan. I’ve offered them part ex for my BMW or my BSA, whichever they prefer - but the choice is causing delays since they want the BSA but the BMW is worth more - and they don’t seem to understand that they could have both if the gave me a Himalayan in exchange!


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So after one dealer stuffed me around, Ive gone with another and pick up my new black/red Hima on Friday. Can't wait to throw a leg over. Am picking it up on the trailer though so will have to wait until the weekend for a spin.

Lookout on the trails!

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Plenty new bikes with dealers here in Oz, but only one secondhand one Oz wide.
I had a BMW F 650 GS which the PO claimed he had the ABS deactivated.
I drove it 25,000 km and had no reason to question this, I was never aware that it still active.
Until the time I needed it, and it performed exactly as it should.
So I wouldn't bother too much with the ABS off switch, it is just a bit imbecilic nonsense which seems to have gained so much traction the manufactures have to respond to it.
If you want to know how to best brake on dirt just watch how flat trackers and speedway riders do it, they have perfected the art---!
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