Adventures of Bagheera and The Grasshopper


Getting there...
Very nice! Over here on Galiano the ride options are a bit limited but I did get away a couple of weeks back. Van to Pemberton then over the Hurley to Goldbridge, Mud lakes etc. Back out through Lilooet and down again home. Most enjoyable. Also I have to say I'm envious of your orange.
As we begin our adventure there is a sign located at the bottom of the gravel road that reads, "If you get lost today, will anybody know?" 😳 A small reminder that we are entering the backcountry and you should be prepared as possible. So off we go, trusting our Royal Enfield Himalayans will keep us riding. As we travel up and up the forest rolls by and the sound of Gray Creek hangs in the mist. What more could you ask for? Bubbles, that's what, and we have those too. 😊

On the Sunshine Coast ☀ of British Columbia it is very likely to rain 🌧 for days at a time in the autumn. So you tend to get used to playing in the rain. I have come to love riding through the rainforest in the rain, with the low clouds and the mist hanging in the forest, it's magical. 🌧🌲 On this ride we just putter about in the forest and stop by Phare Lake to enjoy the view. 😊

As winter nears I hear a lot of people talking about winterizing their motorcycles. ❄ I completely understand this in some cases. In my case I live somewhere that doesn't get too cold and provides many days throughout the winter that are ridable, well at least to me. 😉 I have decided not to winterize my Royal Enfield Himalayan this winter. Instead The Grasshopper and Bagheera will see what adventures we can have while trying to stay warm. 🥶☕

Bearing With My Himalayan - Part 1 - Wheel Removal.

The time has come to change the front steering bearings in Bagheera, my 2019 Royal Enfield Himalayan. Bagheera has 6000km on him and that might seem early for a bearing change, but I believe the conditions I ride in can wear things out on the bike a bit faster.

It's a great opportunity to learn more about my bike and as usual things never go according to plan, so this has turned into a multi-part video. In this episode we remove the wheel and share some casual garage chit-chat.

Great video! I'm curious what the expected results are from this mod and what you found afterwards.
Cheers from the Gulf islands.
Hello and thanks :). I included a little explanation in the video description. It is really the whole combination of modifications I made, new exhaust system, the delete kit and a Booster Plug. These 3 things combined make a noticeable difference in the bikes performance. The idea is mostly about running cooler and smoother. 🙂 My partner also did the same to his bike and we both noticed the change right away. I am also happy to have less on the bike, makes everything easier to get too.
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