Adjusting the foot shift lever


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Ok, so I got some new ADV riding boots, they are very comfortable. I have used the adjuster on the shift lever all the way up and still can't get these boots under the lever. Does anyone know how to adjust it higher or if there is an after market one someone has tried.

Many thanks

G Man

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If you only move it slightly, you might get a little more height by moving the linkage itself one or two sets of grooves on the spline. I would not go too far for risk of screwing with the geometry of the whole setup. But it might buy you what you need. There must be a different shifter out there that would work with our bikes, but what it is, I have no idea.

Roy Gavin

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Someone on ADV suggested removing the rubbers on the foot pegs to gain a little, but sometimes that is actually counter productive.
Linkage bar between the motor and lever on my 17 Oz bike is adjustable for length , assume yours's is the same and you have tried that and there is not sufficient adjustment.
If not remember when you slacken the lock nuts that there is a Left hand thread one end, so when you spin the rod it either screws or un screws at each end.
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