Added Givi racks and Canyon soft bags.


Getting there...
Mounting wasn't bad. Directions aren't necessarily clear. The biggest problem was relocating the turn signals. I removed the wrong bolts and removed the fender and had a hard time getting it back on. I think I was only supposed to remove the inner fender. (black) The only thing I don't like about the bags is that they stick out about 4 inches above the rear seat, but so would the RE cases. You can see the right bag jutting up in the photo. I took the bags and plates off after this photo. I'll put them on for trips. Just doesn't look right. I assume I'd take a duffle and put in that space. Really need a tail bag. Have a small Nelson Ring, but I don't like the way it mounts...too loose. I want a place for tire pump, tools, spare tubes. Might have to rig up tool tubes.
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