Accessories/gear talk - to bling out my new C500 stealth black


Total noob
Just got my C500 stealth black this week and it's more a work of art than machine.. Can't count the number of times I've woken up in middle of night and ended up just going and sitting on it. My GF just issues long sighs... When she sends me to the store, I'm gone a LONG time. ;)

I've gotten most of the typical accessories, just looking for a few additional parts that are more difficult to track down - if anyone cares to help. Will post pics when done.

I'm just going to dump my wish-list here.. Don't beat me up:

  • Rubber gaskets / beading for the toolbox and other containers, I gather these aren't waterproof. Some of the Indian youtube videos I've seen show them rusted out. Any idea where I can buy?
  • Custom fuel tank lid - The rest of the bike is so beautiful, having a stealth black machine and then this solid hunk of chrome on top (surrounded by a leather bib) is awkward. I also don't like the sun flashing off it. Something matte black or even better - some kind of custom machined metal design from a design shop would be great. (pricey is fine).. Failing those two - I'd settle for some kind of metal decal I can put on top of it - any ideas?
  • Shocks - before my purchase read so much about the vibration of RE.. To me - rides like a dream, far above what I had before... So not an issue. However, I do live in Asia - where people put up speedbumps for sport on weekend mornings, as well as digging drainage ditches across roads.. So, would upgrading the stock shocks see a big difference? If so - what's the best I can get?
  • Looking at the Touring driver/passenger seats - anyone who has them - are they much more comfy than the stock seats? I want authentic ones, so not sure I believe the prices on eBay - the genuine ones from UK seem to run couple hundred bucks from Hitchcock.
  • Thoughts about the front mud guard plate. Before I got the bike I ordered one, however now I'm hesitant to drill holes in the mudguard for an accessory that seems a little over the top.. What's your opinion - does it look good or overkill?
  • Rear light - yeah, I'm a classy guy I know - but dying for a rear light that says 'fu*k u' - saw this for other bikes, but haven't seen one that will fit a RE... Ideas?
  • Headlight grill - the one I see everywhere for RE is a resin/plastic deal. I bought one, and am not impressed. Is there a metal version of this someplace?
  • Front/rear indicator lights - I had a Type A speedster and love the beehive lights, the stock indicator lights on RE just feel very modern, is there something else around that might look a little more vintage even if not correct for RE?
  • Speaking of lights - how difficult is it to swap everything out the LED, and is it worth it?
  • Since I'm in a buying mood - and it takes forever to get things from UK or India to Philippines... What are some some parts I should always have on hand? Assuming: fuel filter, innertubes - but what about cables etc?
Think that's my full list (sigh).

Any feedback would be more than welcome.
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