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  1. TN_twowheeladdict

    Himalayan Sold

    You going to put 50/50 tires on the Interceptor and turn it into a scrambler? Guess you really liked that color combinations. LOL!
  2. TN_twowheeladdict

    Wanted Himalayan

    Use searchtempest to search all of craigslist. Use cycletrader to do a nationwide search. You local dealer is crazy! My local dealer sells for MSRP. period. Pay that and ride away.
  3. TN_twowheeladdict

    Helmet noise

    Since you mentioned vents in your original post, I thought you wanted air flow to stay cooler. If that is not the case than get a helmet with no vents at all, a nice seal on the visor, and a chin guard mounted underneath to block noise from below. Also make sure it had nice ear pads that seal...
  4. TN_twowheeladdict

    Helmet noise

    Personally, I think ADV helmets are not a good choice unless all your riding is in the woods following someone who might throw up some roost at your face. I want an aerodynamic helmet that cuts through the wind and doesn't try and tear my head off when doing a lane check.
  5. TN_twowheeladdict

    Helmet noise

    IMO, you can't have it both ways. Air flow comes with wind noise. I wear foam or silicone putty ear plugs.
  6. TN_twowheeladdict

    Bullet Trials 500?

    If I were picking it up for $2k, maybe, but too expensive to do that kind of modification. I searched around for a relocation kit,but didn't find anything.
  7. TN_twowheeladdict

    Update on Itchyboots

    The 500x sure is a popular machine for ladies beginners and downswing riders. To me the forks looked too spindly
  8. TN_twowheeladdict

    Bullet Trials 500?

    So, rode my Road Glide 250 miles round trip today to test ride the Trials 500. If I lived in a city I would own it today. It was so easy to ride around Nashville . The only negative for me is the peg placement. Too far forward to standing while riding. Comfortable while sitting .
  9. TN_twowheeladdict

    Update on Itchyboots

  10. TN_twowheeladdict

    Florida anyone?

    When travel bans are lifted, I am down in Fort Walton Beach area a lot for work.
  11. TN_twowheeladdict

    I'm looking for a used stock Himalayan muffler.

    Me thinks there is a story that needs telling. ;)
  12. TN_twowheeladdict

    For sale viaterra trail pack fitst edition set of 2

    I was tempted because of price, but I like having the "Royal Enfield" showing on the bike and don't have a 'need' for more storage.
  13. TN_twowheeladdict


    I did buy the Tennessee information, but never got around to riding anything more than 60 - 100 miles in each direction from my house. If you look at many of my gravel road with water crossing photos in the ride report section of this forum you will see what the roads are like.
  14. TN_twowheeladdict

    Trip to the Tennessee and North Carolina mountains

    kemimoto Motorcycle Saddle Bags Panniers for Honda Yamaha Suzuki Sportster Kawaski Motorcycle Scooter Saddle Bag (Canvas) They are not waterproof, but were around $20. I had bought the OEM pannier mounts and wanted to put something on there for my day rides. I organize what I carry in...
  15. TN_twowheeladdict

    New Rock Red la in Thailand

    Life is too short not to spend it with the bike, woman, job, etc. that you want in the moment. LOL! Congrats.
  16. TN_twowheeladdict


    The TAT passes 1/2 mile from my house, so I know about it. :)
  17. TN_twowheeladdict

    Thinking of downsizing

    If you ride the Himalayan within its limitations it is an amazing little motorcycle. It is not a race bike by any means on or off road, but it will get you there. There should be a setting to swap the forum colors. Don't know where it is, but this is like many other forums so the ability...
  18. TN_twowheeladdict


    Mmm. Never heard of BDR. Interesting.
  19. TN_twowheeladdict

    Bullet Trials 500?

    Oh, and a 500 classic was sitting beside it and looked physically smaller.
  20. TN_twowheeladdict

    Bullet Trials 500?

    So, I stopped by the the dealer on my way to the airport and checked the bike in person .I definitely like the look and sound. I need to go back and take a test ride. It felt good in fit and ergonomics .
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